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We proudly say we’re ‘Australia’s Favourite Air’ because we are Australia’s leading supplier of air conditioning. But we don’t want to be known just for being the biggest, we aim to be the best too. Whether you need a solution for a small bedroom, or large living space, our combination of technology, insight and design will provide the most effective and efficient air conditioning solution for you.

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Wall Mounted

Classic Range

  • A range of options, with a style to suit many large rooms
  • Quickly and efficiently conditions any room to ideal comfort levels
  • Easy to use controllers help you get the best out of your system.
Lifestyle Range

  • A stylish, standardised design across the range, so all of your air conditioners can have a consistent look and feel throughout your home.
  • The Lifestyle Range are the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. Some models up to a 5 star energy rating.
  • Lifestyle Range models feature a human sensor control, which delivers optimum efficiency and temperature control.
Designer Range

  • The Fujitsu Designer Range has a sleek, modern finish. The combination of stylish looks and intelligent features makes them a leader in not only in form, but function as well.
  • Designer Range models feature human sensor control, which delivers optimum efficiency and temperature control.
  • Simple and intuitive controllers allow you to tailor your comfort at the touch of a button.

All models in Fujitsu’s Designer Range have a sleek, modern finish – a genuine style leader. The Designer Range has received two international design awards; The ‘iF Product Design Award 2012’ recognising innovative product design, and the ‘Good Design Award 2011’ identifying design that enriches everyday life.

The Classic Range’s filter uses static electricity to clean fine particles and dust in the air such as tobacco smoke and plant pollen that are too small to see. The filter contains catechin, highly effective against bacteria growth, creating a safe, clean environment for the entire family.

All of the KM & CM range comes with a simple and easy to use controller, giving you control of your climate, right at your fingertips. With features such as Low noise mode, economy operation, and program timers, you can tailor your comfort needs at the touch of a button.

The Classic Range’s Economy Operation is an energy saving setting that allows the set temperature of the indoor unit to change by one degree intervals, limiting the maximum energy usage of the air conditioner.

Need quick relief? Fujitsu Inverter air conditioners work more quickly and quietly. They can also handle greater extremes in temperature; and, being 30% more efficient, are more economical than conventional units.

The Human Sensor feature detects the movement of people in the room to deliver the optimum efficiency and temperature control. When occupants leave the room and do not turn off the air conditioner, the human sensor will switch the air conditioner into energy saving mode after 20 minutes if no movement is detected. When someone re-enters the room, the human sensor will detect movement and return the air conditioner to normal operation.


  • You can control multiple rooms, or the entire house, using just one system
  • Exceptionally discreet, the system is concealed in your ceiling, offering seamless integration into your home’s décor
  • Can be operated from an easy to use LCD control
  • Quiet and efficient, and easy to maintain, offering perfect comfort throughout the entire home

  • Designed to allow for flexible installation in the best available space
  • Multiple features deliver high energy efficiency
  • Easy to use controllers help you get the best out of your system

  • Slim and compact design to fit into most ceiling spaces, making it ideal for apartment and hotel use
  • Operated from an easy to use central LCD control
  • Built in features help deliver high energy efficiency

  • High static allows for an increased number of air ducts to be installed
  • Optional zone control allows for 8 zones to be connected, giving greater temperature control to meet individual needs
  • Use of single phase power allows for greater installation flexibility

  • High static models allow for an increased number of air ducts to be installed
  • Built in features deliver higher energy efficiency than ever before
  • Optional zone control allows for 8 zones to be connected, giving greater temperature control to meet individual needs

Multi Type System

  • One outdoor unit can be connected to a wide variety of indoor units, including wall mounted, consoles, cassette and ducted units
  • Each room can be individually controlled, allowing you to set different temperatures in each room, helping save running costs by heating or cooling rooms as required
  • System settings allow you to save energy, helping reduce power costs

  • An affordable system to cool multiple rooms within the home
  • Allows for one outdoor unit to be connected to up to four indoor units
  • Each room can be individually controlled, helping you manage running costs

  • Air conditioning systems which are ideal for larger homes
  • Provides optimal comfort, high efficiency and reliability for all users
  • Group control allows for centralised management of systems


  • The cassette units are extremely discreet with only the grille showing in the ceiling
  • Air can be delivered in up to four directions, giving the room an even temperature distribution
  • A highly efficient fan design, its wide airflow distribution ensures even temperature distribution
  • Weekly timer allows you to plan your usage, helping you save on your power bills
  • Cassette units are easy to clean and maintain

Available in:


Inverter Compact

Three Phase

Incorporating the latest fan technology, these units fit neatly into the ceiling and distribute conditioned air through 3 or 4 sides of the unit. In addition, flaps allow air to be directed in either a pre-set or sweep pattern.

The sophisticated weekly timer and remote controller not only makes it easy to adjust air conditioning units, but can also help realise considerable savings. It allows the air conditioning system to be programmed in advance to operate only as and when required.

The air conditioner’s output is stabilised at the optimum setting within the range from maximum to minimum to match the load, which is affected by factors such as the room temperature and the number of people present.

EES simply provides excellence:

EES simply provides excellence:


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