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As a commercial air conditioning company, EES is proud to assist clients from a wide range of different industries and backgrounds. We understand that each premises faces unique challenges when it comes to safe, effective, efficient heating and cooling. That’s why we take the time to listen carefully to the building owner, manager and other key stakeholders to ensure that our commercial air conditioning quotes cover all bases.

There are a few key questions our commercial air conditioning installers ask with each new job. These include:

  • Even coverage. When a space is unusually shaped or laid out, it can be difficult to calculate the size of the system required or the placement of the outlets. We can help ensure that every corner of your building is effectively covered.
  • Occupancy. The needs of a facility that’s constantly full of people, such as a store or restaurant, will be very different from large sparse facilities such as warehouse/offices. Body heat, opening and closing doors and other factors contribute to heat/cool loss. We will use any available data on occupancy throughout the day to see how we can meet your practical needs.
  • Running costs. Heating or cooling a large open area can quickly become very expensive. With facilities such as large open plan offices and shopping centres, you don’t have the same control over each divisible space as you do with a private property. We can advise you on keeping costs as low as possible all year round.
  • Health and safety needs. A large commercial system will have a role to play in ventilation, as well as just heating and cooling. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is critical in semi-industrial settings such as manufacturing and processing facilities, as well as high risk environments such as food preparation, health care and more. Your commercial air conditioning installer from EES can help ensure your new system meets health and safety standards.


Take a look at our Systems pages for an idea of what’s possible. To discuss your commercial air conditioning needs, call 1300 EES 123 or contact us online today.



EES simply provides excellence:

EES simply provides excellence:


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