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EES specialises in refrigerated ducted air conditioning (reverse cycle). The systems we offer as reverse cycle air conditioning installers and suppliers give complete climate control for your home or office environment, perfect for both cooling and heating. Warm and cool air is distributed throughout via ducts connected to the refrigerated air conditioning unit allowing you to control multiple rooms or spaces effectively. The indoor units for ducted systems can either be installed within your ceiling or under the floor. The condensing unit will be located outside the premises. Our systems range from 2.5kW (1.0hp) to 200kW (80hp), the right size is dependent on your specific requirements.

You can control the entire indoor climate of your home or office with ease and comfort. These systems are also the quietest and the best performing making it the most sought after in the market. Giving you the ability to control the climate of your home or office also provides the best value for money compared to other stand-alone systems. A further advantage of ducted systems is that they can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. When you contact us for commercial or residential reverse cycle air conditioning quotes for your Perth property, we can provide an all-inclusive estimate that meets your practical needs.

Ducted systems provide the following benefits to your home or office:

Heating and cooling functionality

Refrigerated ducted air conditioning are reverse cycle systems meaning it can heat and cool making it a very economical choice for winter and summer essentials. If power bills are a worry, our residential reverse cycle air con installers can advise on the most efficient makes, models and layouts.

Exceptional performance and durability

Ducted systems are quick and easy to install ready for use immediately. Ducted systems installed with inverters continually adjust the cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature in the room. This ensures a constantly maintained temperature for your comfort whilst running more efficiently. All units and equipment are specifically designed for the Australian climate offering the durability and suitability that is required to ensure the system performs at its best all year round.

Promotes healthy living spaces

Ducted systems can provide a clean, safe, hypoallergenic atmosphere in your home or office. During summer the refrigerated ducted air conditioning assists in controlling the humidity in your home as the system dehumidifies the air. The system provides cooled, filtered and dehumidified air to your home or office. The air that pumps into your premises is fresh, the perfect solutions for those concerned about the quality of the air they breathe including asthma or allergy sufferers.

For an effective clean, safe, hypoallergenic environment it is recommended to regularly clean both the return air and fresh air filters. EES has various maintenance packages available to ensure your system continuously promotes healthy living. Our commercial reverse cycle air con installers can also advise on meeting clean air standards in your premises, for sensitive environments such as health care facilities and food preparation areas.

Cost effective maintenance

Refrigerated air conditioning is extremely durably and reliable, this means that maintenance requirements are very cost effective and it’s normally only necessary to conduct preventative maintenance. The maintenance requirements are closely linked to the degree of usage. Return air and fresh air filters fitted to domestic systems should be cleaned bi-monthly or more regularly for commercial uses. EES friendly maintenance staff is available to discuss your maintenance requirements to ensure the longevity of your system.

EES simply provides excellence:

EES simply provides excellence:


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