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EES provides solutions for customers with existing homes, new housing construction and light commercial workplace environments. Outlined below is an easy to understand 6 stage process to ensure our customers are satisfied.

At EES we feel that if you’re happy we are happy too.

EES services

Stage 1 – Consultation

Customers can contact EES through one of our hassle-free contact methods such as telephone, online 3 Step Assistant or Quick Enquire form. We provide customers with a free consultation session after initial contact. This first consultation session is where we start our journey with our customers. Consultations are on-site at a time and date suitable for our clients. The consultation session is vital for us to understand your budget, specific needs and provide you with advice on the various systems available. It is an opportunity for clients to set the foundations of their expectations and desired outcome.

During the consultation EES’s dedicated expert consultant will complete the assessment of your needs and ensure that all your questions are answered.

Communication during this stage is essential and we advise clients that all relevant parties should attend this session, including builders for new homes.

Preliminary Offer & Customer optimisation

Stage 2 – Preliminary Offer & Customer optimisation

Following the consultation session EES will provide clients with a preliminary offer for consideration. This offer will outline the optimal solution based on the requirements discussed during the consultation. Customers can review the offer, provide comments, optimise, discuss and finalise the offer with their dedicated expert consultant.

Final plans and agreement

Stage 3 – Final plans and agreement

The final offer is submitted to the client for agreement. During this stage customers agree the final location, system and arrange a timeframe for installation.


Stage 4 – Installation

New Homes / Light Commercial
We work closely with builders to align the air conditioning installation with the building process. This will allow EES to gain early access to your new premises to do the prelay works which includes installation of ducting, piping, wiring and other components. The majority of your system is installed at this stage.

STEP 1 – The Prelay
The Prelay comprises of 60 to 70% of your installation. Your fan coil unit and ducting will be installed as well as primary refrigerant piping and wiring.

STEP 2 – Diffusers & Return Air Fit Off
Once your ceilings are installed and painted EES fits your diffusers and return air grilles.

STEP 3 – Condenser & Controls
When your premises is almost 100% complete EES installs the remainder of the system, this includes your outdoor unit, controllers and testing.

Existing Homes / Light Commercial
Installation of air conditioner in your existing home or light commercial property will generally take one to two days. EES will send our professional installation team to compete all ducting, refrigeration and electrical works.

Handover and client acceptance

Stage 5 – Handover and client acceptance

Handover of the installed system will be undertaken by our EES supervisor. The system will be checked for any install faults and undergo a 35 point quality control check. Install faults and performance hindrance will be rectified immediately where possible or scheduled for refinement asap. Our supervisor will also demonstrate the system to you and take you through the operation procedure. The supervisor will leave a handover pack for you should you not be available on the handover date.

After Care

Stage 6 – After Care

EES provides aftercare services to all our customers. We will contact you 2 weeks after installation to ensure you are satisfied with your system, you fully understand how your system operates and discuss servicing for maintenance requirements. Regular maintenance will ensure your system operates at full potential throughout its lifecycle and sustain energy efficiency. We will also take the opportunity at this stage to get a testimonial from you and post it on our website.

EES has various maintenance plans available for servicing requirements to suit individual customer requirements. These plans ensure a convenient regular service regime.

EES simply provides excellence:

EES simply provides excellence:


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