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Split Systems

When you are looking for a system that provides air conditioning in a localised area in your home or office then a split air conditioner is the right choice. These units performs exceptionally well in town houses, apartment, small home, or offices. Split systems are compact yet powerful whilst still being energy efficient and quiet for your comfort.

As a leading local split system air conditioning installer, EES has a wide range of split systems available and provide specific details of this below. Our expert technical staff are ready to discuss you specific requirements and to propose the optimal solution for your home or office.

Wall Mounted

High wall indoor ductless air conditioning units are mounted high on a wall so they are out of the way. They are a cost effective solution for any home or workplace environment, offering convenience to control the comfort of a localised area through a simple handheld remote. The units offer exceptional performance and efficiency, and split system installation options with pleasing aesthetic options to suit various customer preferences

Floor Console

Floor console systems are designed to discreetly sit at floor level or can be recessed into the wall for a more secreted look. Our split system air conditioning installers can ensure they sit flatly and neatly in place. This is particularly advantageous where there is insufficient space for a high wall unit or if you simply prefer this type of appearance. Ductless air conditioning units perform exceptionally well for climate control in any space.

Ceiling Cassette

Cassette air conditioning is one of the cleverest forms of air conditioning insofar as ceiling mounted cassettes. They are mounted in a ceiling void so that only a fascia flush with the existing ceiling is visible. They do not require additional wall or floor space and still allows for optimum air flow in a singular or quadruple direction depending on the room and its requirements. Our split systems quotes include work needed on the ceiling to ensure the cassette sits correctly.

Ducted Systems

The ducted air conditioning system is the premium climate control solution for your home or workplace environment. It is the quietest, best performing and most comfortable. They can serve more than one room space from a single unit using ductwork to distribute the treated air to the spaces. Ducted systems often offer multi-zone temperature control capabilities providing customers with full climate control.

Under Ceilling

It takes an experienced team of commercial split system air conditioning installers to plan and carry out a successful under ceiling installation. We can consult on a variety of makes and models to suit different premises.

EES simply provides excellence:

EES simply provides excellence:


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