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How does a heat pump work?

It’s the same technology as a refrigerator. You’ve probably noticed the back of your fridge gets warm on the outside. That’s because heat is being removed from inside the fridge (even though it’s already pretty cold in there) and released on the outside. A heat pump simply collects heat from outside your home (even in cold weather) and releases it inside to keep you warm. When it’s cooling your home it works the other way around.

How do you know what type of system you need?

The first thing to decide is what you want your system to do – heat/cool one room or open-plan area, several rooms, or your whole home. ingle unit systems are for heating/cooling one room or open area. Multiple indoor units, sometimes running of one big outdoor unit, will be needed if you want to heat/cool separate rooms, such as a living area and a bedroom. To heat/cool your whole house, a ducted system is sometimes best. This produces warm/cool air which is piped to all the areas of your house and out through vents, according to controllers in each area. Obviously your budget comes into this as well

How long does it take to install?

This depends on the type of system and how straightforward the installation is. A single unit system usually takes a half-day or less. We’ll arrange a date and time that suits you and stick to it. We clean up as we go, look after your property and work hard to minimise the interruption to your lifestyle.

Why are they so efficient to run?

Basically because the electricity is simply being used to move the heat from outside your home to the inside, rather than creating heat like an electric heater does. A Heat Pump never works any harder than it has to, so its much cheaper to run that conventional heaters.

Can you fit a system into any existing home?

There is a 10/10 Heat Pump Solution for every home. Some installations will be more challenging than others. It can also depend on how ‘invisible’ you want it to be from the outside. Our consultants, installers, builders and electricians have years of experience. They’re genuinely interested in maximising the value of your home and have some great ways to solve seemingly impossible situations. Usually our in-home consultant will recommend and quote on a few options for you, so you can decide.

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